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Roof Damage by Santa and his Reindeer?!?

Yes... Santa and his reindeer’s foot traffic on your roof can lead to leaks and other issues. So schedule a free inspection now with AMAYA Roofing & Waterproofing for after the holidays.

But all joking aside…. foot traffic can be hard on your roof surface - of course, a certain amount of foot traffic is required and acceptable for either roof repair services or other vendors such as HVAC technicians, but excessive foot traffic can lead to roof leaks and premature roof damage.

AMAYA Roofing & Waterproofing would like to share with you some ways to protect your roof from the negative effects of roof foot traffic:

Limit Foot Traffic When Possible

Limit vendors and non-qualified staff from too much access to your roof. Trained personnel and trustworthy roofing contractors like AMAYA Roofing & Waterproofing are aware of the issues that foot traffic on your roof can cause and know how to limit its effects. Rooftop storage can also lead to extra time spent on the roof. When you retrieve items from storage make sure you aren’t dragging items around.

Limit Excessive Weight

Try to limit excessive weight directly on your roof system which can lead to warped shingles or depressed roof insulation on flat roofs.

Walkway Pads

Walkway pads around areas of heavy foot traffic such as rooftop units, roof hatches and roof ladders can help minimize the effects of foot traffic.

Keep your Roof Clean

Debris on your roof can be stepped on causing punctures.

And tell Santa to use the front door!

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