November 26, 2019

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June 2, 2020

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Waterproofing: an Important Aspect of Any Roofing System

August 28, 2017


There are many elements that go into a new roof, and the quality of those products contribute to the overall performance that you will get out of your roof. Let’s face it, when the storm hits here in the beautiful North Las Vegas area, you realize the importance of waterproofing when it comes to the roof. For this reason, one of the most important aspects of any roofing system is the underlayment.


What is underlayment on a roof?

The underlayment is an extra layer of protection that goes between your shingles and the roof deck. This is an important aspect of any roof system because it protects the roof from penetrating moisture by shedding water away from the roof deck. It can also provide protection from rain while the shingles are being installed.


Our friends at Owens Corning have the perfect underlayment for your next roofing project! Deck Defense® is a high performance underlayment, covering all your needs, and even has a 30 year limited warranty!

  • Easy Installation: With extra-wide 10 square rolls, each roll provides more than 4 times the coverage compared to #30 felt underlayment roll.

  • Durable Performance: Compared to felt underlayment, Deck Defense® durable synthetic construction is designed to reduce the chance for tears, even when walked on, and stays intact in high winds.

  • High-traction and slip resistance: In addition to being tear resistant when walked on, it is designed with a textured and coated top layer that provides traction contributing to a safe work environment.

  • Superior water protection: Compared to standard felt underlayment, Deck Defense® offers long-term moisture protection. It acts as a non-absorbent, secondary water-shedding barrier and reduces water intrusion even when exposed.


Let Us Install Your Next Roof!

Amaya Roofing and Waterproofing is a full service roofing company. Our professional and experienced crew only works with the best products! Leaving beautiful roofs and satisfied customers in our wake, we love what we do!