Is your roof MONSOON PROOF?

IT'S MONSOON SEASON IN THE LAS VEGAS VALLEY This year's monsoon season started June 15 and will last until September 30 The National Weather Service said the Las Vegas area has already beat its yearly average rainfall total for 2019 at 4.7 inches. .... and we still have three more months to go!! WHAT ARE THE TOP 3 ENEMIES OF YOUR ROOF? RAIN - which is only an enemy when it doesn't have the proper channels to flow off of the roof. WIND - when strong can tear off or lift the edges of the shingles which result in water and other debris getting underneath them. .... and the #1 enemy of your roof is LACK OF ANNUAL MAINTENANCE! Is your roof MONSOON PROOF??? TRUST US... it's not worth the gamble


Replacing the roof of your commercial building is no small undertaking. Aside from the financial commitment, it can be a disruptive and inconvenient process that could even shut down a business during the process! However, it may not always be necessary to replace a commercial roof. In many cases, a commercial roof coating may be the best solution. Additional advantages of coating: - Can cost as much as 75% less than a commercial roof replacement, while still carrying the same warranty as a single-ply roof. - Coating doesn’t break down in UV light like other roofing materials and most of the sun’s energy does not penetrate a coating system. This means big savings on energy bills down the ro

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